Monday, December 14, 2009

Choosing Shoes

Author: Joe Denver

Confused about shoes and what to wear? Can’t decide which shoes will suit you or the occasion? Wish you were among the percentage of society with great fashion sense that knows exactly what looks good? Or maybe you’re one of the chosen few that look amazing in whatever you wear. There are so many kinds of shoe to choose from, heels, stilettos, flats, courts, boots or wedges. Shoes are a very personal choice and each shoe is made with a specific purpose in mind. Companies have flagship shoes and become famed for selling a specific model. They also offer a host of different materials and styles.

There are people who will say they can tell us about a celebrity by looking at the shoes they wear. Is this true or just fluff and nonsense? Shoes define our fashion sense. They are a fashion item and you can usually tell by looking at a shoe which of your friends would wear it and which friends would not be seen dead in it! Are you a bargain shoe person? Or are you a designer shoe at a bargain price person? Or maybe you are a comfortable shoe person? You know what occasion you’re buying the shoes for. So you’ll know what kind of shoes you need but now you have to decide which type of sandal you want a flat sandal, low sandal, high heeled sandal? If you’re buying boots do you want calf length, mid calf or ankle? And what height of heel do you want? Everyday shoes are never a problem because you’ll have developed your own style and preference. The problems start when you’ve got an occasion, are going on holiday or starting a new job. It would be helpful if you could catch a glimpse into the future to let you know what you are going to need! There is nothing worse than arriving on holiday to find you’ve packed a high heeled sandal and everyone is walking round in flats!

We all have a selection of shoes in our wardrobe, courts, wedges, sandals, flats, flip flops and boots. We have shoes for every occasion apart from that one occasion that we need them for!!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Choose Best Designer Men’s Shoes

Author: sanjay

When we think of fashion the first thing that we visualize is a woman is exquisite designer clothing with accentuated jewels and stilettos. Fashion has always been more defined keeping the beauty of a woman in mind. But that is all history. Fashion now is equally prioritized for both men and women. Self consciousness has become vital in today’s lifestyle. Whether we talk of clothing, shoes, under wear or accessories men have as many choices and women do. However the concept is still vague for many. Not many men understand or pay attention to the details.

Most men would commonly wear sneakers with denims, or wear standard formal shoes with their office wear or stick to their flip flops with shorts. But then there are men who have extensive wardrobes of men’s shoes. Some are simply uncomfortable wearing a variety of styles.
The easiest choice of shoes is for jeans because you can wear just about anything, but avoid shiny shoes. They are intended for much dressier outfits. You can wear boots; lug soles, sneakers and sandals all go well with jeans. Just choose according to the choice of your shirt. Loafers, Oxford and other such kinds of shoes are a good casual choice like for your khakis or chinos. Shoes with shinier material and dressier shoe, something that you would wear with a suit can be worn as formal.

A lot of women judge and worry about what’s on a man’s feet than the clothes on his back. Unfortunately not many men know what’s best for them. That is why probably men prefer their women dress them up. I guess women have more general knowledge about Men’s Shoes than men .

If one wear to name a few like Navy patent pointed, Chelsea Boots, Ranger boots, Timberland Boots, Converse shoes, Sisto, Botoni Shoes or Dress shoes, a woman would much easily recognize these names than a man. Commonly a man would go with a standard casual design for shoes and opt for the same style but with a good brand name. Which seems to be an acceptable choice provided a little care is taken to check what goes with the outfit.

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Over The Shoe Boots

Author: Robert Palmer

Over The Shoe Boots also called overshoes and galoshes are usually made from Natural Rubber, PVC, and Neoprene. Over the shoe boots are buckle-up or pull-on boots and are usually 4 inches to 14 inches high.

Natural Rubber is stretchy and has excellent low temperature properties allowing the rubber to stay supple in cold weather. These boots offer the comfort and protection of regular shoes inside the boots while giving protection against a wet and/or cold environment. Overshoes are a great choice when the weather is variable.The soles have good traction and are more puncture, and cut resistance compared to PVC. Natural Rubber is resistant to acids, bases, alcohols, and diluted water soluble chemicals but, is not good for sustained exposure to petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, solvents, and oils.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is similar to natural rubber and is generally made to be tougher and can handle more chemical environments. PVC is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer that is resistant to animal fats, bases, acids, alkalies, oils and petroleum. PVC is not recommended in the presents of ketones, aldehydes and many solvents. These Overshoes are popular as work boots because they are economical, and tough.General use of these boots is in agriculture, construction, and general industry. In the western US irrigation is a common use for over the shoe boots and are called "irrigation boots" as are over the sock boot. They are also used to sports where water and mud is present.

Neoprene Boots can be used in a wide range of chemical environments; however, they are less resistant to cuts and punctures compared to Natural Rubber and PVC. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is resistant to a wide range of animal fats, blood, oils, certain acids, alcohols, alkalies, and certain solvents. Applications for these boots are in food processing, dairy, chemical, and petrochemical production (oil field). Neoprene boots are more expensive and are not generally used in agriculture.

--Wilbert l Bregar.
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Not All Shoes Are Right For Your Feet

Author: Keith Barrett

Shoe shopping can be great fun, allowing you to look at the latest fashions and trends. There's something special about picking out a new style of shoe and making the most of being able to wear your choice with a favourite outfit.

But things don't always go according to plan. As you may have experienced, shoes that look great in a shop aren't necessarily comfortable on your feet. Having tried them on in the shop, you may be confident that they'll be fine. This illusion may be shattered after you've worn them for a few hours.

If your shoes aren't right for your feet then you soon start to know about it. Blisters and problems walking may soon follow.

All of this suggests that you should pay more attention to comfort when selecting footwear. There's no point buying a pair of shoes if you'll hardly be able to stand wearing them. That's simply going to lead to wasted money. It's also not going to be good for your feet.

This helps to explain why you need to realise that you can't simply select a pair of shoes and assume that they'll be comfortable. It's not enough to like the look of a pair of shoes. You need to think about how they'll feel too.

Fortunately there are a number of retailers now selling shoes that combine comfort and style. These are a great idea and are well worth considering. Gone are the days when finding comfort meant making sacrifices in terms of fashion.

Look out for shoes that offer the comfort that your feet need.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Uhg!; Ugg Boot Season ... Again

Well, I was going to rant on and on about how I feel that UGG boots should just die already, until I looked around and realized that they had evolved - thank goodness! I mean, those "Uggs Classics" should really be buried in the back yard and forgotten about, but they have some new styles, that much to my surprize, I'm diggin'.

Looks like Ugg took one right out of the Harley Davidson playbook with these much cooler motorcycle boot inspired ones.

(Harley Davidson Boots, below)
Hey, whatever it takes. Anything is better than those classic Uggs that appear much better suited for hunting Woolly Mammoth than cruising the mall in Southern California.

The Art of the Con: Converse All Stars

As far as I am concerned, the only thing the Punkers, Hippies and Fashionistas have agreed upon is the since the dawn of time is the timeless classic known as the Converse All Star.

A little unverified research tells me that this baby was introduced to the masses back in 1917!

That's just crazy - also known as the Converse Chuck or the Chuck Taylor this has to be the most imitated (but as cliche as it sounds) but never duplicated single piece of footwear on the planet.

In the late 70's I was conviced they only came in baby blue.

Now available in more colors than the rainbow and more patterns than you would find in the Artist Formally Known as Prince's closet ... and even a design your own version directly from converse!

I do remember an almost military style availabl exclusively a LLBean 10 years ago or so that I really wanted ... wonder where those babies wound up?

The original has also been revamped as of late by designer John Varvatos to go beyond the canvas original. (seen here, right)

High Top, Low Top, Slip On ... whatever! Get some.

Either way, here's to another hundred or so years on top of the shoe pile.

Thanks Converse!